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Xioami to Integrate Mantis Vision Structured Light Technology in Mi8 Front 3D Camera

Mantis Vision, a leading provider of the most advanced technology for 3D volumetric acquisition and 3D scanning technologies, announces today of a strategic partnership with Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi. As part of the collaboration, Xiaomi will integrate a 3D camera, operated by Mantis Vision, as the 3D front camera in the company's flagship device Mi8, which was announced early today by Xioami and by Mantis Vision at Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara California.

Xiomi's new Mi8 flagship device is the world's first Android device with integrated 3D imaging and scanning capabilities. Mantis Vision's technology will enable these capabilities in Android devices for the first time ever, which will allow to scan face scanning and recognition, face 3D capturing for a secure ePayment and other features that have so far only been available with 2D image analysis software. Moreover, the new technology will enable Augmented Reality features both for end users as well as for developers.

Mantis Vision's technology is based on its proprietary and patented structured light and a smart decoding algorithm which produce the largest number of depth points with the best quality existing on the market today. The coupling of Mantis Vision's sensor with the internal phone RGB camera makes the sensor the perfect solution for a variety of mobile utilizations such as modeling (AR) that can serve both the end users and professional application developers.

According to Gur Arie Bittan, founder and CEO of Mantis Vision: "Shrink optical stack and size from centimeters to millimeters, incorporate Vcel lasers that were still nascent technologies at the time, meet OEM's power consumption drastic points and conform with eye safety regulations, build camera brackets module that synchronizes with RGB existing cameras, define and prepare for mass production calibration and on software invent effective decoding patters algorithms and pipelines running on one Arm Core on the AP. Mantis Vision Teams overcame the many challenges they were confronted and succeeded build the most cost-effective 3D Structure Light camera module there is on the market today while using Mantis Vision in-house Ip's. Technical and commercial interactions with Xioami were made thanks to the active role of our Joint Venture China team, Tang Lang".

Mantis Vision brings high definition 3D content to everyday experiences. Mantis vision empowers consumers, application developers, and industry professionals to instantly capture and share high-quality 3D content. From 3D cameras on mobile devices to professional handheld 3D scanners and 3D engines for OEMs, our technology easily transforms objects, places and live people into high-resolution 3D digital content, in real-time.

Mantis Vision and China Luenmei Quantum Co Ltd, a publicly traded company in Shanghai, recently joined forces and created a Joint Venture named "Tang Lang" which is Mantis Vision exclusive partner for the Greater China market. Tang Lang is located in Beijing and Shanghai.

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