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Facial Recognition Tech Company AnyVision Raises $28M

Bosch leads the round. AnyVision’s object-recognition software works when deployed on most types of security cameras and does not require highly sophisticated sensors to operate, according to the company.

AnyVision’s software is a plug-and-play solution for new and existing systems that overcomes challenges such as occlusions, different angles of view and poor light conditions, according to the company. Among other features, it can be used to find and identify missing or wanted objects or persons in large crowds, to support the work of authorities such as the police, and to optimize processes.

AnyVision, with offices in Tel Aviv, Belfast, and New York, says it has plans to open three more offices by the end of the year. The company was founded in 2014 by Eylon Etshtein, its CEO, and Prof. Neil Robertson, the CTO. Former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo sits on the advisory board.

AnyVision’s tech can be deployed on most types of cameras and does not require sophisticated sensors. Etshtein told TechCrunch he believes the company’s solution will be “an improvement over existing video surveillance technologies in terms of protecting the public’s privacy.”

“Today, the video management systems basically record everything and you can see individuals faces, you can see everything,” he said. “Once our system is installed it pixelates all the faces in the stream automatically, even the operator in the control center cannot see your face because the mathematical models just represent the persons of interest.”

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