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China’s Leading Game Company Giant Acquires Israeli Based Company Playtika

2 years ago, Giant Network, a leading game developer led a consortium of Chinese companies to acquire Playtika for $4.4 billion from Caesars Interactive Entertainment.

Giant will pay $4.5 billion to the other members of the consortium: Alibaba Group, China Oceanwide Holdings, China Minsheng Trust, CDH China and Hony Capital. Giant Network hopes the deal would allow it to extend their AI capabilities.

China's securities regulator will review the proposed transaction as this is the largest overseas acquisition by a Chinese company in the tech industry and the artificial intelligence segment. Shenzhen-listed Giant represents Giant’s expansion into AI intelligence and globalization.

Based in Israel, Playtika was founded in 2010 and currently has more than 1,500 employees globally with research centers in the US, Canada the Ukraine and in Japan. Playtika has 20 million active monthly users and processes over 6 terabytes of data a day. Playtika uses artificial intelligence to help its clients, including gaming companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, to push targeted optimization and to offer personalized experiences.


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