3D Imaging Company Mantis Buys Israeli AI Startup BrainVu

September 5, 2018

The company's technology uses computer vision to identify mental state of people using a smartphone camera


BrainVu uses a non-invasive and remote smartphone/AR/VR camera to extract physiological bio-markers that indicate changes in brain activities and deduce human mental responses including: processing Cognitive Load, Stress Level and Emotional Engagement. The calculated human states are then correlated to events and used to  connect to a multitude of platforms  to provide human machine emotional interaction.


BrainVu was founded in 2016 by Shay Hillel (company's CEO), Prof. Miriam Reiner, CSO and Zeev Hadar, the company's CTO. The company is backed by Nielsen Innovation.


Mantis Vision was founded in 2005 in Israel. The company develops 3D scanning technologies being used to instantly capture and share high-resolution 3D volumetric content for a wide range of applications including facial recognition and augmented reality. Recently Mantis acquired Alces Technology and announced a $55 million investment from Samsung Catalyst Fund and Chinese company Luenmei Quantum.


The acquisition price remains undisclosed.





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